Due to the delay and postponement of this production, some roles have had to be re-cast. The new cast is:

Wadsworth – Gray Wilson
Mrs Peacock – Toni Forbes
Yvette – Brook Lacy
Miss Scarlet – Carly Hebbard
Mrs White – Lee Millward
Colonel Mustard – Warwick Binney
Professor Plum – Danyon Saxe-Wilson
Mr Green – Brian Pamphilon
Cook/ extras – Candace Baldwin
Mr Boddy/ extras – Alex Geikie
Shadows – Liz Dargin, Lynn Gough, Alex Geikie

The crew is:

Director – Fran Legge
Co-Director – Liz van Eck
Assistant Director – Candace Baldwin
Prompt – Mari Moir
Production Manager/Stage Manager – Liz Dargin
Stage Hands – Trevor Stone
Sound – Patrick Tickle
Lighting – Peter Harding, Karen Goodsell
Set – Peter Harding, Haren Goodsell, Liz van Eck
Props – Lynn Gough, Hillary Herbert, Nadine White

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