Since 1955, we have had 18 Members awarded Life Membership

Joan WILLIAMS Founder 1955
Alan WILLIAMS Founder 1955
Amy WRAY (Dec) Joined 1965
Cyril WRAY (Dec) Joined 1960
Wal REDHEAD (Dec) Joined 1982
Judy WOODFIELD Joined 1978
Steve WOODFIELD Joined 1978
Barbara COURTENAY (Dec) Joined 1975
Robin QUINLIVAN Joined 1964 Life Membership 2006
Margaret CLIFFORD (Dec) Joined 1958 Life Membership 2006
Cathy PUGLISI Joined 1965
Marie CALDWELL Joined 1967
Lyn GALE Joined 1975 Life Membership 2006
Mary RICHARDS Joined 1987
Paul BELSHAM (joined for ME & MY GIRL, Nov/Dec ’02, awarded 11-3-17)
Sue BELSHAM(joined for ME & MY GIRL, Nov/Dec ’02, awarded 11-3-17)
Mike SHEEHAN (joined for WHY ME!, Sep ’02, awarded 11-3-17)
Warwick BINNEY (joined for FUNNY MONEY, Mar ‘o4, awarded 11-3-17)

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