Coming Attractions

Director: Iesha Williams

2024: Fri 7th Jun (8pm), Sat 8th Jun (8pm), Sun 9th Jun (2pm), Thur 13th Jun (8pm), Fri 14th Jun (8pm), Sat 15th Jun (8pm), Sun 16th Jun (2pm), Thur 20th Jun (8pm), Fri 21st Jun (8pm), Sat 22nd Jun (8pm), Sun 23rd Jun (2pm)

Director: Paul Belsham

2024: Fri 23rd Aug (8pm), Sat 24th Aug (8pm), Sun 25th Aug (2pm), Thur 29th Aug (8pm), Fri 30th Aug (8pm), Sat 31st Aug (8pm), Sun 1st Sep (2pm), Thur 5th Sep (8pm), Fri 6th Sep (8pm), Sat 7th Sep (8pm), Sun 8th Sep (2pm)

Director: Liz van Eck

2024: Fri 8th Nov (8pm), Sat 9th Nov (8pm), Sun 10th Nov (2pm), Fri 15th Nov (8pm), Sat 16th Nov (8pm), Sun 17th Nov (2pm), Thur 21st Nov (8pm), Fri 22nd Nov (8pm), Sat 23rd Nov (8pm), Sun 24th Nov (2pm), Thurs 28th Nov (8pm), Fri 29th Nov (8pm), Sat 30th Nov (8pm), Sun 1st Dec (2pm)

Directors: Peter Harding & Karen Goodsell

2025: 10-19 January (Exact Dates & Times To Be Announced)

Director: Mike Sheehan

2025: Fri 28th Mar (8pm), Sat 29th Mar (8pm), Sun 30th Mar (2pm), Thur 3rd Apr (8pm), Fri 4th Apr (8pm), Sat 5th Apr (8pm), Sun 6th Apr (2pm)

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