Alex Geikie Adam/Felicia
Jordan Stotter Tick/Mitzi
Tim Roberts Bernadette
Katie Rutledge Diva
Amy DeRoma Diva
Kirsten Miller Diva
Trey Boyle Young Bernadette
Lennox Broadley Benji
Graeme Speed Bob & Ensemble
Lynn Gough Shirley & Ensemble
Matthew Dingle Miss Understanding & Ens.
Scott Cantrill Farrah & Ensemble
Emma Graves Marian & Ensemble
Bethany Young Cynthia & Dancer
Akira Taitoko Dancer
Belinda Toth Dancer
Eloise Haugh Dancer
Kellie Lever Dancer
Lily  Farmer  Dancer
Lilli-Rose Sheen Dancer
Ashley Sargent Ensemble
Diana Mason Ensemble
Cathy Puglisi Ensemble
Julianne Bigg Ensemble
Mike Harrison Ensemble
Mike Sheehan Ensemble
Mike Ball Ensemble
Milton Cunynghame Ensemble
Rod Ramsay Ensemble
Ensemble = nightclub, Cooper Peedy, Casino
& Broken Hill patrons, tourists, funeral guests


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